After nearly 20 years of providing gyro flight instruction, I’ve decided to limit flight training to introductory lessons (demos), flight reviews, selective proficiency check rides, and immediate Magni owner needs. My passion for flying safety and instructing has not waned, however, it’s time to start clearing my schedule for some fun flying, and curtail the headaches of record keeping, regulatory/TSA compliance…the list is long.  I may selectively provide such flight training to initial pilots, or toward Sport Pilot endorsements or new ratings - based on time and effort involved in specific situations that do not require multiple day’s long training intensity.

My commitment to Magni, and to the safety and satisfaction of Magni fliers has not changed.  I intend to continue to support and provide initial introduction to Magni Gyros via short introductory visits to our Missouri location.  I feel it is important during such introductory visits to provide not only the opportunity for prospective gyroplane pilots to experience exceptional qualities of Magni gyros, but the opportunity to discuss options for purchase and training decisions in detail.  Such visits have proven very valuable to develop knowledgeable and informed potential gyroplane owner/operators.  Full rating or endorsement Magni flight training is more widely available now, and we can refer potential Magni purchasers to Magni schools most convenient for your situation.


I will continue to provide, as best I can, technical and operational support and advice to Magni Gyro owners of equipment that was originally sold and/or built by Magni USA, LLC.   My commitment to the safety and satisfaction of all Magni fliers has not changed.  For gyros or equipment that was not originally sold by Magni USA, LLC, I will support, as best I can, other Magni Gyro Dealer/Instructors as requested by them for support of their customers.


Blue Skies and Fun Flying

- Greg